fence net machine

fence net machine

Model No.︰JD-N01

Brand Name︰JD

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰2 pc

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Product Description

Injection molding fence, in the European and American countries are widely used in the farming, animal husbandry products than traditional knotted net more sturdy and durable, convenient, and can conduct electricity, which can effectively protect the animals.
According to the requirements of domestic and foreign manufacturers, my company independent research and development related production equipment, more practical, and is more efficient than the existing processing equipment, a single equipment can meet the requirements of all sizes, mould cost is low.
Machine production efficiency (one-armed beam) : 75 mm per case, 6 seconds/mould time, single machine to complete single weft, 1 hour and production of more than 40 meters.
If use dobby beam, processing multiple parallel at the same time, the machine efficiency multiplied, such as 5 arm, single machine hours output up to 200 meters, but the machine cost is not too much.The overall production cost per unit has fallen dramatically.

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